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Teluk Buih Beach

The long coastline at Air Papan makes its way southwards and meets a small craggy bay which the villagers have named Teluk Buih after foamy white surf that lashes on to its shores. Teluk Buih offers a sheltered stretch of fine sand and is a popular retreat for the villagers.

Tanjung Piai-Johor National Park

Dubbed the southernmost tip of mainland Asia, Tanjung Piai is a haven for a diverse species of flora and fauna, including those unique to mangrove areas such as mangrove crabs, beady-eyed mudskippers and crab-eating macaques. Tanjung Piai is also famous for being a hot spot for birdwatchers to visit during the migratory season which falls around September and March.

Mount Lambak Recreational Forest

At 510m above sea level, Mount Lambak is accessible via footpaths and wooden bridges which makes for a relaxing and rejuvenating trek uphill. Apart from the variety of wild flora and fauna, there are waterfalls for those wanting a refreshing dip. Modern chalets are available for those who wish to stay overnight here.

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

The Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque is regarded as one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia, with its amazing combination of Western neo-classical and Islamic architecture.

Endau-Rompin Johor National Park

Endau Rompin, located north of Johor and south of Pahang, is the second National Park proclaimed by the Government of Malaysia. It covers an area of approximately 50,000 hectares of rich flora and fauna, encompassing the watershed of the rivers Endau and Rompin, from which it derived its name.

The park is home to many species of birds, mammals, frogs, insects and many other wild animals, as well as varieties of orchids, herbs, medicinal plants and trees. A scientific expedition undertaken by the Malaysian Nature Society in 1985 uncovered some new and rare plant and animal species. One of the most spectacular discoveries was the fan palm (Livistona endauensis), endemic to the Ulu Endau area.


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